• Choose a light room color

    Choose a light room color

    Using light colors in rooms generally make them look bigger. Bright walls give off an airy feel, whereas dark walls would make a room look smaller. Go for a soft tone of off white. Bonus: if you have wall trimmings, paint them in an even brighter white to make the room look even bigger. If you have a space with minimal windows, paint the...
  • Smart Lighting

    Smart Lighting

    Lighting has a huge effect on our mood and overall ambiance of a room. Go for extra soft lights, and install dimmers if you can. If you have natural light, this is even better - use a sheer curtain that allows the natural light to wash into your space, making it feel bigger  
  • Strategically Place Mirrors

    Strategically Place Mirrors

    These are great for adding light to a space and making the room feel bigger. Large, floor length mirrors are our favorite (they can also be decorated with our stickers, see page). If you can, place a mirror near the window or doorway to reflect natural light.
  • Make your ceilings look taller

    Make your ceilings look taller

    Using low furniture gives the appearance of having taller ceilings and an overall more open space. Another trick is to hang your curtains much higher than the windows, giving the illusion of a much taller space. Make sure your curtains go all the way to the floor for a truly elegant look.
  • Pick a style and a color scheme

    Pick a style and a color scheme

    Are you adventurous? Traditional?  Deciding on a style and color pallet before you embark on your decorating adventure will make sure all of your pieces and design elements speak to one another, even if they are not 100% the same.
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